Welcome to EMPOWWORD Inc.

Sandi on her scooter (Click to see large size)

EMPOWWORD Inc. is a mediation, training and development firm that prides itself on its “people-focused” consulting services. Sandi brings almost 40 years experience in providing advice to managers, facilitating meetings and groups, designing and delivering training workshops to staff at all levels of organizations, as well as mediating a broad range of conflicts. Members of the EMPOWWORD Inc. team possess similarly impressive credentials including both academic and life experience. Sandi and EMPOWWORD Inc. collaborate with other consulting firms Provincially, nationally and internationally.

Sandi Bell, the founder and President of EMPOWWORD Inc. is a highly respected expert in the areas of human rights, anti -oppression,  anti-racism, cultural competence, anti-violence against women and children, and disabilities/accessibility matters. Through both her employment and volunteer pursuits Sandi has been a student and educator working with others to improve the welfare of those who experience the “isms” (such as racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, etc.) that continue to exist in our society. Sandi is regularly sought-out based on her reputation, knowledge of, and sensitivity to Canada’s diverse communities and the challenges they face.

Sandi is in her second term as a part time Human Rights Commissioner.

Sandi is recognized for her commitment to making this a better world.A few of these include: Award for Black Women’s Contribution to the Law presented by Canadian Association of Black Lawyers; GEM Award presented by Legal Aid Ontario for contribution to the organization; Black History Month Award for Advocacy in the Black Community presented by the Honorable Jean Augustine; Best Speaker in Toastmasters International Provincial Competition; as well as numerous recognition’s for her work in the field of mental illness. Sandi is proud that she is considered an Elder in the African-Canadian community

As a African-Canadian/Aboriginal-First Nations woman, as well as a person with physical and non-visible disabilities, Sandi’s passion is both professional and personal.

EMPOWWORD Inc. offers consulting services in the areas of: