Child and Youth Well-Being

Sandi Bell has illustrated a lifelong commitment to the well-being of children and youth. The education sector benefits from Sandi Bell’s talents as a mediator, facilitator and trainer, through the learning material she develops and presents to college and university students, elementary and secondary school students, teachers and administrators. Sandi was a school trustee for 12 years and a member of the Toronto Children’s Aid board for 7 years.

Various school boards including The Toronto District School Board call upon Sandi to mediate volatile disputes among youth. Another key component of EMPOWWORD’s services is conducting educational sessions on a wide range of topics that contribute to healthy development of children, youth and adult students.

Sandi has served the education community as an appointed member of Ontario’s College of Teachers, where she was on numerous committees including: the Executive Committee, By-Law Review Committee; Code of Conduct Committee; Ethics Committee; Human Resources Committee; and, was Chair, of the Pre-Service Committee. Her 12 years experience as a school trustee in Hamilton, included spearheading initiatives targeted at addressing the myriad of unmet needs of children from all sectors of the community, as well as numerous which were geared to meet the at the needs of underprivileged children, students from visible minority communities and students with disabilities. Sandi has served on a wide range of child/youth focused committees and organizations including the Toronto Children’s Aid Society where she helped them embrace principles of diversity and shared her knowledge of the immigrant community.

EMPOWWORD Services include:

9 Heaven Healing Academy

9 Heavens Healing Academy, a branch of EMPOWWORD Inc,  works with African-Canadian youth from the Jane and Finch corridor.