Disability Accessibility and Inclusion Issues

“I have been with my organization for 20 years and this is the best training I have ever been to.”

“This was a real eye opener and a must do for everyone in life.”

“Stories through experience were extremely helpful in understanding the content of the course.”

“Wonderful facilitators, made the content much more meaningful.”

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Sandi’s education, experience and knowledge in the areas of disability, access and inclusion, makes every workshop and encounter with her an unique and unforgettable learning opportunity. As a school trustee in Hamilton her work involved spearheading initiatives aimed at addressing the needs of students with disabilities; in this capacity she was chair of the Special Needs Task Force. In addition, she has first hand knowledge of disability issues in her ongoing participation in the community of persons who have disabilities, as an advocate for disability issues, as a part time member of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, and as a member of the Mental Health and Law Advisory Committee of the Canadian Mental Health Commission.

EMPOWWORD has specialized in disability issues for decades; it closely monitored the inception of the disability legislation. When the Ontarians with Disabilities Act (ODA), and Accessibility of Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) and the standards were introduced Sandi and her team (many of who are also people with disabilities) have provided clients with guidance on complying with the legislation as well as comprehensive material and hands-on training for municipalities as well as other corporations and agencies.

Other noteworthy contributions by Sandi related to disability issues include providing subject-matter expertise to companies to help them understand and meet employment equity targets for people with disabilities; to assist them to develop accommodation polices and procedures; and provide guidance when they were either about to face or had faced human rights grievances. In all instances EMPOWWORD Inc. endevours to provide assistance and tools to ensure that companies comply with legislation.

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EMPOWWORD workshops are highly interactive! All participants engage in experiential learning, as a person with a physical disability – for a brief moment in time.

For our AODA specific training, all participants will receive a comprehensive training manual which can be used for further learning and as an on-the-job reference guide.

Each participant who completes the course will be provided with an employee certificate, as required by the AODA.