Duty to Accomodate

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What is the duty to accommodate?

Employers and service providers have an obligation to take measures to eliminate disadvantages to employees, prospective employees or clients that result from a rule, practice or physical barrier that has or may have an adverse impact on individuals or groups protected under the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Canadian Human Rights Act. At the federal level, this also applies to persons identified as a designated group under the Employment Equity Act. In employment, the duty to accommodate means the employer must implement whatever measures necessary to allow its employees to work to the best of their ability. In the provision of services, the provider must implement whatever measures necessary to allow clients to access its services.

 Some Examples

Did You Know?

Accommodation may be required based on one’s Religion or Family Situation. An employer or service provider may be required to accommodate certain dress codes, the need for flexible breaks as well as flexible working hours.

EMPOWWORD INC helps public and private organizations to comply with Accommodation legislation and other human rights related compliance:

For additional information on the duty to accommodate, please consult the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s A Place for All – A Guide to Creating an Inclusive Workplace

For more information please see the Canadian Human Rights Commission Website and  Ontario Human Rights Commission