Equity, Cultural Competence, Anti-Oppression, and Human Rights

Sandi Bell advises and assists companies in implementing their equity, diversity, cultural competency and accommodation requirements in the workplace. EMPOWWORD Inc. consulting assists organizations to comply with relavant legislation. Sandi’s learning workshops go beyond legislative requirements to the people’s side of engaging with others in the workplace, when providing customer service, and in society generally. Participants leave the sessions with a better understanding and sensitivity to racial, cultural, linguistic, religious, accessibility and inclusion matters.  EMPOWWORD Inc. workshops do not just come off the shelf; all learning material is developed based on the specific needs of the client and participants.

Sandi’s life-transforming learning opportunities have been used by a broad range of organizations, businesses, and community groups, including: Aboriginal, First Nations, Métis and Inuit people, youth, people with disabilities, and people from different racial/ethnic/cultural/religious and socio-economic backgrounds. They regularly seek her out based on her reputation, knowledge of and sensitivity to Canada’s diverse communities and the barriers they face.

EMPOWWORD services include: