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AODA – Customer Service Standard

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picture of a group of people with a variety of disabilitiesAccessible customer service is not about ramps or automatic door openers. It’s about understanding that people with disabilities may have different needs. It can be as easy as
asking “How can I help?” and making small changes to how you serve customers with disabilities.


Learn more at The Ministry of Community and Social Services

Bearing Witness: Luke Melchior

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A documentary by Dan Curtis, 2003

This feature documentary is a portrait of Luke Melchior who, at 26, has lived longer than most people with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a progressive wasting of the muscles. Knowing his life will be relatively short has made Luke feel an urgency about making a lasting contribution. He lives independently, with the help of 3 homecare workers, runs a web-based business selling outdoor gear, and chairs the board of the Disability Resource Centre in Victoria, BC, where he is a passionate advocate for the rights of the disabled.




Toward Intimacy

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A Documentary by Debbie McGee, 1992

Women with disabilities are working towards full participation in all areas of life. Toward Intimacy is a cross-disability affirmation of the right of women with disabilities to seek, develop and sustain intimate relationships with the partners of their choice. In this moving one-hour film, four disabled women from across Canada share their personal experiences, with particular emphasis on sexuality, self-esteem, stereotyping, and parenting.