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Bearing Witness: Luke Melchior

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A documentary by Dan Curtis, 2003

This feature documentary is a portrait of Luke Melchior who, at 26, has lived longer than most people with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a progressive wasting of the muscles. Knowing his life will be relatively short has made Luke feel an urgency about making a lasting contribution. He lives independently, with the help of 3 homecare workers, runs a web-based business selling outdoor gear, and chairs the board of the Disability Resource Centre in Victoria, BC, where he is a passionate advocate for the rights of the disabled.




Toward Intimacy

Posted under: Disability, Accessibility and Inclusion,Resource

A Documentary by Debbie McGee, 1992

Women with disabilities are working towards full participation in all areas of life. Toward Intimacy is a cross-disability affirmation of the right of women with disabilities to seek, develop and sustain intimate relationships with the partners of their choice. In this moving one-hour film, four disabled women from across Canada share their personal experiences, with particular emphasis on sexuality, self-esteem, stereotyping, and parenting.