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Hi Sandi:

My apologies in the delay sending this to you, but I did want to let you know how truly and deeply I enjoyed your seminar. You are a wonderful and gracious speaker. Sharing your personal and private experiences with us, to assist us in better understanding and looking at the world in which we live, was truly exceptional.

I especially appreciate the opportunity to use a wheelchair. My life is enriched for having had the opportunity and experience. Using the wheelchair outside the seminar room gave me a small, but important glimpse into the world of my friend Samantha Lewis. I have watched her in awe for many years, and knew how strong in spirit and physical capability she was, but this gave me first hand experience of how she is treated.

What an experience!!! I felt quite emotional at certain periods during the day, I can’t pinpoint the reason, some of it had to do with you, and how life has thrown you so many trying ordeals, but you have overcome and even more important, have made it a priority (and obviously a passion to share and educate others).

Many thanks again and all the best to you,

Special Constable Sarah Carey 5372
Forensic Identification Processor
Forensic Identification Bureau
Distress Line Peel

Dear Sandi,

Thank you for your inspirational presentation at our Information Night. Sharing your personal experiences must be difficult for you. We appreciate your effort and have 52 prospective volunteers from your presentation.

The evaluation forms were unanimously positive:

The guest speaker – an inspiration;

Sandi made me realize the importance of Distress Lines and of volunteering;

“Jane’s” story was moving;

It was apparent that she was Jane by the emotion she put into the presentation. Very effective;

Sandi motivated me to make the commitment;

Made me aware of the difficulties someone faces who has no one to confide in.

This was the most successful Information Night that we have ever held. We thank you again.

Yours truly,
Linda Dick
Training Coordinator
Distress Line Peel

Association of Canadian
Court Administrators

Dear Sandi,

It has been four months since the ACCA Conference, and we are still hearing positive comments from our colleagues about the exceptional education program.

Your presentation was a key element to the success of the conference and thoroughly appreciated by all of our participants. We really enjoyed working with you and hope to have the opportunity to work together again in the future. the future. the future. the future. the future.

We would like to extend a sincere thank you for your excellent contribution.

Yours sincerely,
Tom Fagan Heather Daley
Education Lead Education Support
ACCA 2001 Conference ACCA 2001 Conference